Should you build a Custom PC or buy a Pre-Built?

Should you build a Custom PC or buy a Pre-Built?


If you're trying to find a way into PC gaming, you've likely asked the question; should I build a custom PC or buy a pre-built? 

The answer will be different for everyone, so here are a few things to consider when approaching this crossroads.

Custom PC Pros and Cons

+ Better value for your money if you properly plan your custom PC

+ Easier to optimize performance for your budget and needs

+ You get to learn about each component, compatibility, and the overall building process

- Time consuming (build research, part buying, assembly, troubleshooting)

- Finding available components can be difficult (looking at you, GPUs)

Pre-Built PC Pros and Cons

+ Convenience, easier to dive right into to start using immediately 

+ Increased availability (especially in today's component market)

- Generally receive lower-quality motherboards, power supplies, and storage devices

- More expensive than buying each part individually due to 'building fees'

Hybrid PC Approach

Another path to consider for your PC needs is combining the Pros of both options: you could buy a Pre-Built PC, disassemble it to remove specific components (such as the lower-quality ones such as the power supply and storage device), sell those parts, and replace them with higher-end custom components.


Personally, I get a lot of enjoyment from planning and building custom PCs, so going down that route would be my overall recommendation. However, at the end of the day, you can't go wrong buying a pre-built or building your own PC - the wonderful world of PC gaming is an inclusive one! 

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